Information about Buying, Selling and Living in Portugal

Buying, Selling and Living in Portugal

Insights into Buying, Selling and Living in Portugal

Buying a property is quite a big step and most of the times it will be the biggest purchase you ever make in your life. Already quite a challenge at home, even a bigger venture in Portugal, a country you most of the time don?t know well enough, neither do you speak the language and are you familiar with procedures and habits in this country. Sound advice and good information is to my opinion of vital importance before you reach a hopefully positive and well weighted decision to come and live in this nice country.

This section of provides you with some free informative information about buying, selling and living in Portugal to provide a better inside view of what is involved.

There are articles are divided into categories in the navigation on the right side of this page. They should hopefully help guide you through sometimes unknown and complicated legal matters.

The articles in this section are written and provided with permission by Robert M.L. Snapper, fully licensed real estate agent in Portugal.

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