Rural Land for sale in Barragem da Bravura, Lagos

Property For Sale in Lagos Portugal

Rural Land for sale in Barragem da Bravura, Lagos

Large plot edging the Bravoura Lake
The land
Top part with good access
Map of Cadaster
Google Shot showing the location
The end of a leg of the Lake
Flat area at bottom of top part
Flat area at the bottom of the top part
Flat area at the bottom close to the stream
View from middle of the plot
Nice area to grow crop
On the land several Medronho and Cork trees
Just a tree
Now 2 plots and in blue river feeding the lake
The stream feeding the Lake

2 rural plots of land to be sold together. Great for camper or agriculture.

  • 65,250m² of land
  • mountain views, country views

75,000 EUR
68,543 GBP*

General Property Description

Recently the company owning the bigger plot, purchased the plot to the west extending the property from 37.000m2 to 65.250m2 and now also having a water source by means of a natural spring (Nascente). The properties are divided by the road Cotifo - Marmelete. They slope from west to east and enjoy great views from the top part, whilst the lower part borders the Lake in the winter.

Due to the fact, there is a public road crossing it there is a good chance that you can divide the property into 2 individual plots.
Although the higher part has better views, the lower part is better to out a caravan.
Nowadays with photovoltaic solar panels we do not need mains electricity anymore.

Property Layout

Both plots are adjacent to each other and slope from ZW to NE The plots are rectangular but together are squarer and they slope from Southwest to Northeast.
It can be used for caravanning or even a modern movable home.
This way, you can optimize the space as you wish, in order to have
optimal sun exposure. It can also be used for agricultural crops
and trees. Some parts of the land are very fertile.

It is located in a quiet and beautiful countryside area with beautiful views over Bravura Dam.

Property Extras

At the bottom of the plot is a kind of natural spring which can provide water. New roads have been made to get to the top of the property as they have now placed wind turbines there. Land suitable for carob trees or medronho! Could be used for caravan or a moveable home.

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Location Map of Barragem da Bravura in the Algarve, Portugal

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* GBP rates are indicative only. Rate last updated on 27/12/2020.
Rural Land reference: 132-RA
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