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Property Management in Portugal



For those who do not live in their property in the Algarve full-time, our advice is to appoint a property management company to look after the villa or apartment. Our Real Estate company has a special department dedicated to look after your property and will take care of all or some of the following on behalf of the owners:


                  payment of bills on time (electricity, water, telephone, rates, etc);

                  regular visits to the property to air it and to keep it clean;

                  undertaking any necessary minor maintenance work (plumbing, electricity, etc);

                  taking care of the garden;

                  regular cleaning of the swimming pool;

                  preparing the house for arrivals, having a food pack available if required

                  advising on any repair works;

                  discussion with you renting out your villa.




There are many advantages to this one stop shopping approach to property management. The primary benefit to you is that one telephone call, fax or e-mail message will solve all of your management needs.

Some examples of the benefits of using our management services are detailed below:

                  Centrally located office with easy access to parking, open Monday to Friday, available to welcome your guests any time of the day or make other arrangements;

                  A dedicated Property Administrator Enid F. Hut, with many years of experience in the field, who is is multi-lingual and will look after all your property management needs;

                  We will provide you with a monthly report of all expenses and receipts;

                  A tried and trusted team of sub-contractors, who we supervise to carry out work on your behalf to the highest standards;

                  Links and contacts with many marketing programmes to maximise rental returns supported by World Wide exposure at as well as our excellent relationships with leading European Tour Operators;

                  We also if required can have your own property web-site made

                  The availability to use our office as a mailing address, and to receive or send faxes or e-mails;

                  Multi-lingual staff to advise and assist you with local bureaucracy;

                  Other special needs, as defined by you.

                  We deal with all your tax matters and are a source of information for anything you need.

This article is written and provided with permission by Robert M.L. Snapper, fully licensed real estate agent in Portugal.


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